Spongebob eating a burger

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Spongebob eating a burger


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Spongebob the restaurant manager brings you your burger


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Man holding serving tray with lid out to reveal sub sandwich


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Unshaven waiter brings sub on a silver plate.


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Subway now served at the morgue.


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human meat at subway


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SubWay Human footlong


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I've never seen a pink Octopus eating at Subway before.


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CrumbCrumb 1 month, 0 days ago

Well that got weird.

mdennis22 1 month, 0 days ago

CrumbCrumb My pink Octopus comment was too much huh?

JaredTheJeweler 1 month, 0 days ago

mdennis22 I don't think it's too much, I tried to draw a random monster eating a human sangwich.

CrumbCrumb 1 month, 0 days ago

mdennis22 No I liked your comment, it just went from Spongebob to people getting eaten by monsters at Subway... weird! lol.

toadfoot 1 month, 0 days ago

haha nice one

mdennis22 1 month, 0 days ago

CrumbCrumb JaredTheJeweler I must not have conveyed the sarcasm in my previous comment well enough LOL!

JaredTheJeweler 29 days, 23 hours ago

Ha! Which is the sarcasm emoji? 😋🤔😒😜🙃🤡😬

mdennis22 29 days, 13 hours ago

jaredthejeweler There are emojis?????

GustoPeck 23 days, 0 hours ago

Hilarious jaredthejeweler ...!

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