Aurora Borealis and a flying sleigh

15 players. Finished 11 days, 16 hours ago

Aurora Borealis and a flying sleigh


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Santa on his sleigh


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Santa's sleigh broke, he has to use a rowboat instead


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Santa claus left alone by reindeer, uses rowing boat instead


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Santa's magic rowboat, in broad daylight.


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Wesley the Gnome rows his 5-star boat in the small pond: ZEN


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A garden gnome meditates in his kayak on a lake.


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monkey on a surfboard at sunset. no waves shark bait?


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frozenbanana 11 days, 15 hours ago

@BCBP9614, beautiful sunset!
miramiramira, your drawing is awesome!! :P
Don't know why but I really want to eat a cookie whenever I look at your drawing... ;)

BCB9614 11 days, 15 hours ago

frozenbanana Thank you! ☀

miramiramira 11 days, 13 hours ago



mdennis22 10 days, 16 hours ago

I so didn't see that it was supposed to be a gnome until now. Sorry I missed it.

frozenbanana 10 days, 2 hours ago

mdennis22 Actually I liked your description! It could've been a monkey with a hat! :D
One doesn't see a garden gnome on a surfboard everyday, right? :P

mdennis22 9 days, 23 hours ago

frozenbanana nor does one see a monkey... :)

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