It Won't Die!!!!

15 players. Finished 23 days, 14 hours ago

It Won't Die!!!!


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Pikachu (who is way too popular) encourages Quill.


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cool Pikachu and a cool... joint?


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Pikachu smoking a cigar while wearing a backwards cap


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Yellow bird with zigzag tail smoking and wearing red cap


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Depressed yellow bird with pikachu tail and red cap smokes


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Bird with a red basecap, a pikachu tail, cigarette, crying.


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Henny Penny the fire warden sat on a fire


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miramiramira 23 days, 7 hours ago

CUaO Hahaha! I should have realized that "Quill" with Pikachu was a reference to QuillDaisyStairs. Too bad she didn't get in on this game! (-- "she", right Quill? Not "he"? Hard to know online.)

QuillDaisyStairs 23 days, 2 hours ago

miramiramira Oh no, I didn't see this one! How funny. Yes, I'm a 'she' and I know what you mean about it being hard to tell online. Pikachu has escaped my wrath this time. Thanks for the personalised description CUaO !!

CUaO 23 days, 0 hours ago

Nice Quill miramiramira ! It would have been a great fortune if you had joined this game QuillDaisyStairs !

CUaO 23 days, 0 hours ago

By the way, it appears smoking doesn't kill Pikachu! To keep in the theme: he/she doesn't appear to be too happy ;-)

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