Ezio from Assassin's Creed stands tall

15 players. Finished 10 months, 19 days ago

Ezio from Assassin's Creed stands tall


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Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones? Nice draw


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Jon Snow. (NOT the Channel 4 news presenter)


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4 news reports that Jon Snow has been fired from the watch


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Jon Snow of Channel 4 has been fired from The Watch!


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The harriest forecaster ever predicts 48% chance of snow


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Harry Potter predicts 48% chance of snow! Icicus Blastius!


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Harry potter trying to make the weather more icy


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ka-kow girl 10 months, 19 days ago

I just happen to be that one person ever that hasn't watched game of thrones...

MiniVreni 10 months, 19 days ago

you are not alone 😊

Bunnery 10 months, 19 days ago

We haven't seen any yet either!

RougeIreland 10 months, 18 days ago

That's unacceptable guys! You all need to watch!!!

Bunnery 10 months, 18 days ago

It's on our list 😊

Muggleworthy 10 months, 18 days ago

This was a funny game. Excellent c4 logo @England

Margaret Mikulastik 10 months, 18 days ago

manicdak, I loved watching your drawing come to life! Very fun game!

AuntTP 10 months, 18 days ago

Hilarious game 👏👏👏

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