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Bunnery 7 days, 4 hours ago

Hello there!

This week we are celebrating the fact that, at last - someone has won the award for playing Interference every day for a whole year! That dedicated player is Sinus and the award is named after him - The Sinus Award for Dedication! Now - we wonder who will be next to get that. Some of you must be getting close. In fact Breadmower may put up a list so you can see how close you are. Look out for that!

Breadmower has been working on the android app all week. He's up to the part where he is trying to make it look nice - now that most bits are actually working. It does take time, as design is not his favourite thing to do - but we are definitely getting there! For more news on that - check out the video update for this week.

On to the awards for this week:

Picture of the Week goes to JaredTheJeweler for his brilliant depiction of how Sinus must feel after a whole year of playing every day! Nice picture Jared! It made us laugh :-)

Description of the Week goes to Vampire81569 for their "Say yes to the all-new blue American zombies! Half price!!" which Breadmower chose because it was so detailed - and took the game off onto an entirely new advertising streak!

Nice work guys!

Also with holiday season upon us we are all thinking what to buy loved ones for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you use Amazon then you can help us out by going there via our link on the supporters page ( It doesn't cost you anything - but will give Interference a little commission which would help to keep the game going - and feed the kitties :-)

Also, yesterday was National T-Shirt Day - and they make great presents! Imagine if your loved ones and friends walked around in a t-shirt with a picture that YOU drew on it! Wow - they would be totally unique. No danger of turning up at a party with the same outfit and someone else! Any picture from Interference can be put on a t-shirt and sent to you. Order soon to receive them in time for the festive season!

That's it for this week - more news the same time next week.

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